Thursday, January 11th, 2018 23:38
[personal profile] marrub
Behind every decision lies a depressing and deep truth, every one cascading into another forever. In every moment of our life, we have created purpose - and that purpose becomes inspiration for others.

That much is absolute, to me. And for that reason those who have passed truly deserve the highest respect, for their lives will be remembered; their inspiration absolute.

I have always found that the people who inspire me are not those who make the best thing, or make all the right decisions. Achievements are arbitrary in the eyes of reality. Those who are the most inspiring are those who have truly good intentions. Who care for others. Your creations could be completely garbage. They could be the best on Earth.

But what truly matters is the heart. I am inspired by those who make crappy art but persist and do what they love. I am inspired by those who make beautiful triple-A games that give me days of fun and relaxation. When one creates, when one lives for love and when one enjoys themself; that is what truly inspires me.

Rest in peace, Kate Fox. One of my greatest sources of inspiration, and sorry I never got to know you.
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